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Here's what the manufacturer, Ott-lite Technology, has to say about their ground-breaking products!

"OTT-LITE Technology’s parent company, Environmental Lighting Concepts (ELC), was founded in 1989 as a collaboration between Dr. John Ott, a pioneer in light research, and Fred Mendelsohn, who with physicians at Johns Hopkins University Hospital helped develop one of the first light therapy units to treat SAD or “winter blues”. Dr. Ott discovered through 40 years of scientific research the remarkable effects specific wavelengths of natural light had on plants, animals and humans. As a cinematographer for Walt Disney, Dr. Ott developed the first OTT-LITE® product while experimenting with time-lapse photography on the Academy Award®-winning “The Secrets of Life” series. Dr. Ott again worked with Disney to create the magical growth of a royal carriage from a pumpkin seed in the film “Cinderella”. It seemed simple enough. But as Dr. Ott found out, pumpkins don’t grow indoors, let alone under artificial light. By harnessing the power of natural sunlight indoors, Dr. Ott met the Disney challenge.

Today, all OTT-LITE products are scientifically formulated with this original idea in mind, but by continuing Dr. Ott’s groundbreaking research, we have since learned to refine and differentiate formulations to satisfy various viewing and lifestyle requirements. Now consumers have a choice. With OTT-LITE lighting systems it is possible to see with superior clarity without the intense heat, excessive glare and harsh distortion of standard lighting.

Conventional lighting is based on photopic lumens (brightness) causing the eye to strain and squint in order to endure the heat, glare and distortion emitted.

With OTT-LITE VisionSaver Plus HDLT lighting the eye responds more positively due to the scotopically rich lumens (contrast) which are precisely blended with photopic lumens resulting in an overall improved visual experience.

Read and work more, while your eyes work less. The unique balance of contrast and brightness in OTT-LITE VisionSaver Plus HDLT lamps provides the visual comfort people desire, whether their reading, writing a letter, using a computer, paying the bills, or penning the next great American novel."

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