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Discount Prices on Ott-lite® True Color™ and VisionSaver Plus™ Full Spectrum Non-Glare Natural Light Sources for Home, Crafts, Office and Pets

Ott-lite Visionsaver Plus ™ Lamps!

 Ott-lite VS Graphite Task
Ott-lite VisionSaver Citra
Capitva Desk
VS18W Floor Lamp
VisionSaver Design Pro
Key Largo Floor Lamp
Captiva Floor

Ott-lite's VisionSaver Plus™ High Definition Lighting Technology™ produces illumination that eases eyestrain by showing better detail and definition with high contrast and low glare. They are designed for general reading as well as those who may have low vision challenges. Great for those in an office or computer environment, too!

VisionSaver Home Decor

VisionSaver Plus ™ is also designed for graphics arts professionals, photographers, digital artists, and programmers because it creates the equivalent of a color calibrated work environment to:

-Match PMS Swatches-Calibrate RGB Monitors -Analyze CMYK Prints  

Ott-lite True Color™ Lamps
A must for anyone who needs bright, low glare illumination with True Color™ technology that provides almost perfect color-matching and brings daylight indoors!

ott-lite true color lamp
Ott-lite Battery Task Lamp
Ott-lite TC Special Order Magnifier Lamp
Ott-lite True Color Jupiter-Grey
Ott-lite FlexArm Plus
Ott-lite True Color Easel
TC 18w Wingshade
Ott-lite True Color Floor Lamp-Grey
Ott-lite True Color Graphite Floor with optional Magnifier Accessroy
Ott-lite True Color Broadway Floor

Ott-lite Home Décor Series!!
Combines All of the Benefits of Ott-lite's New High Definition Lighting Technology™ in Updated, Brighter Lamp Styles to Complement Your Decor!

Capitva Desk
Key Largo Floor Lamp
Captiva Floor

Bird Owners Use Ott-Lites®:

"It's a known fact that natural light is a vital ingredient for optimum health and wellness in all birds. Ott-lites do a fantastic job.  - Dr. Fern Van Sant, Avian Veterinarian, Los Gatos CA

Ott-liteTC Graphite            Ott-lite True Color 20 Watt Swirl          TC 18w Wingshade

Did you know that full spectrum light is used by health practitioners to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder - otherwise known as S.A.D.

Ott-lite True Color Lamp

"I use two of the True Color Lamps on my desk to give a feeling of being outdoors, even though I am far from a window. The lights improve my ability to concentrate on my work."-H. York, MA


Ott-lite Technology® is based on the pioneering research of Dr. John Nash Ottt, author of the ground-breaking, best-seller, Health and Light.




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