Ott-lite VisionSaver Plus
Home Décor Series

The Ott-lite VisionSaver Plus Home Décor Series Combines All of the Benefits of Ott-lite VisionSaver Plus High Definition Lighting Technology with New Lamp Styles to Complement Your Decor

Ott-lite's VisionSaver Plus™ High Definition Lighting Technology™ produces illumination that eases eyestrain by showing better detail and definition with high contrast and low glare.

Like all Ott-lite products, they are full spectrum, low glare, and low heat to provide a comfortable, healthful work environment. For more information about the development of these VisionSaver Plus lamp products, click here!

Capitva Desk
Key Largo Floor Lamp
Captiva Floor

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VisionSaver Plus™ Key Largo Table Lamp
Key Largo Floor Lamp VisionSaver Plus™ Key Largo Floor Lamp
Capitva Desk VisionSaver Plus™ Captiva Desk/Bedside
Captiva Floor VisionSaver Plus™ Captiva Floor Lamp
Ott-lite Replacement Bulbs-VisionSaver Plus™ Series

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