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           Ott-lite Do's And Dont's/ Warranty/ Return Policy

  1. When inserting an Ott-lite bulb into an Ott-lite lamp, you should hear or feel a"click" when the bulb is firmly seated. If you have pushed the bulb base into the socket and it hasn't’t clicked  in, we recommend placing the eraser end of a pencil in the center of the base, just in front of the  glass tubes, to give the bulb a good shove!.Be careful not to push on the glass.*** Once seated, the bulb  should be very difficult to remove from the socket. If it is comes out easily, it is not yet seated and the lamp will not work properly.***
  2. Because Ott-lites are very sensitive to power surges, please use a surge protector with Ott-lite lamps  and bulbs.
  3. Please do not place Ott-lite lamps or bulbs on a dimmer or use the Ott-lite True Color Swirl Bulb in a lamp with a 2-way or 3-way switch.

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What is the Difference Between An Ott-lite® Natural Light™ Product and an Ott-lite® True Color™ Product?

The Ott-lite Natural Light products (oldest Ott-lite model line found at stores like Office Depot) are full spectrum just like the True Color™ Ott-lites. However ,the Ott-lite True Color™ line is designed to produce a light with more accurate color-matching ability as measured by CRI(color rendering index). Absolutely perfect color matching would have a CRI of 100. The True Color line has a CRI of 95. The Ott-lite Natural Light line has a CRI of 84. The reflectors in the True Color lamp line are also redesigned to enhance color-matching. Essentially, the True Color product line represents the latest in full spectrum lighting technology. All Ott-lite True Color lamps and bulbs are labeled "Ott-lite True Color". If it doesn't say "Ott-lite True Color", it isn't!

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What is Ott-lite VisionSaver Plus™ High Definition Light Technology™?

Ott-lite VisionSaver Plus™ High Definition Light Technology™ illumination is produced by a specific formulation that increases visual acuity by showing better detail and definition with high-contrast, low-glare, and low-heat.This is based on university studies that have identified specific wavelengths of light that enhance vision. It allows the eye to focus properly without the excessive brightness and glare that can lead to eyestrain and exacerbate low vision challenges. VisionSaver Plus™ lighting also provides excellent digital color-matching used by digital artists and designers, photographers, and computer programmers.

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Which model line offers the best physical color-matching for painting, sewing, quilting, arts and crafts, etc. - True Color or the new VisionSaver Plus™ ?

The Ott-lite True Color model is designed to provide almost perfect physical color-matching and is the ideal choice.

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Which model line is better if I need a lamp for both reading as well as physical color-matching-True Color™ or the new VisionSaver Plus™?

The True Color model line would be the best choice.

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Which model line is better if the lamp will only be used for reading -True Color™ or the new VisionSaver Plus™?

The new VisionSaver Plus™ model line would have the edge. However,many satisfied customers have purchased True Color™ lamps for reading because they like the style or ergonomics of a particular model.

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Who is Dr. John Nash Ott?
"When we speak about the quality of light and its importance to the well being of all living organisms, the contributions of John Ott stand out above those of other researchers in the field." Dr. Jacob Liberman, Light Medicine of the Future

Dr. Ott started his professional career as a photobiologist. While working as a time-lapse photography consultant for the Walt Disney "Secrets of Life" film series, Dr. Ott found that he could not successfully grow plants indoors under commonly used artificial lighting. His research found that all living organisms need the full spectrum of light provided by the sun in order to thrive. In addition he discovered that the cathode radiation emitted by common fluorescent tubes caused plants to mutate and form unnaturally.

Over the last 40 years, Dr. Ott has expanded his research and been published in many educational and scientific journals, including the New York Academy of Sciences, the National Technical Conference of the Illuminating Engineering Society, and the Fourth International Photobiology Congress at Oxford. He also wrote the best selling book, Health and Light.

Dr. Ott invented the OTT-LITE®, the first total spectrum, radiation-shielded light source. It's the closest light to natural sunlight. He has since created products that have revolutionized the field of lighting.

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How will OTT-LITES® save me money?

OTT-LITES® burn cooler and use less energy than a conventional bulb.

For instance, the OTT-LITE® True Color 20 Watt Swirl Bulb provides light up to that of a 100 watt conventional bulb (1,000 hours, avg. life), but saves 80% of the energy and up to $45 over its 10,000 hour lifetime.

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Why pick OTT-LITES® rather than the other "full spectrum" lights on the market?

OTT-LITE® lamps were the first total spectrum, radiation-shielded light source. With other manufacturers coming out with product knock-offs that look like Ott-lites®, the Ott-lite manufacturer must have a product worth trying to imitate- with trying being the operative word! In short, Ott-lites were the first and, we feel, still the best:

"I've tried other kinds of natural or full-spectrum light bulbs as well, and if I had to keep just one kind, it would definitely be the Ott bulbs. Thanks again for providing a wonderful product." J. Guinness, FL

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What is Light Pollution?

Artificial light in the home and office is a newly discovered source of potentially dangerous pollution. yellow distorted color, irritating flicker and glare as well as radiation from common florescent tubes are affecting the quality of our lives. People who work under artificial lighting often have complaints with no tangible cause.

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Where are OTT-LITES® being used?

In homes, schools,offices, museums, public buildings, stores, factories,hospitals, and low vision clinics.

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Who uses OTT-LITES® and why?

  • People who want a great reading light
  • People who may have low vision challenges
  • People who do detail work and need bright, glare-free illumination like crafters, quilters, model builders, jewelers.
  • People who need true color rendition like museums, artists, designers, and scientists.
  • People who need digital color-matching like digital artists and photographers
  • People with plants and birds.
  • People with health problems that may be caused by sunlight deprivation.

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If you have any further questions, E-mail us!

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